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Finding competitive and comparative advantages 20/20DC develops businesses to capitalize upon their resources to achieve sustained business success.

Demand Driven Results

It all starts with demand and 20/20DC RE’s are on the ground in leading markets.

Success through Trade

Developing businesses, communities and economies through trade.

Identifying Opportunities

Working as a team 20/20DC works with product from soil to shelf.

Market Research

Working with state-of-the-arts trade data tools coupled with our Resident Entrepreneurs we quantify the market.

Identify Niche Markets

We work with producers and buyers to move products from commodities to demanded niche products.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Applying best practices and appropriate technology to capitalize on market opportunities.

What We Do

Welcome to 20/20DC

20/20 vision is perfect vision, and while we are not clairvoyant our experience is global and helps companies see their future clearer.

20/20DC has established itself as a global leader in business consulting for agriculture with emphasis on value added products which fill a market niche. 
20/20DC is driven by a keen entrepreneurial eye for capitalizing upon niche markets that engage producers to produce what the market demands.
Our global experience allows us to understand local perspective and capabilities and couple with global demand.
20/20DC has been helping businesses improve their businesses and through trade improving lives since 1997.

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20/20DC Steps for Success


Assessing Opportunities
  • Assessing the business
  • Assessing the market
  • Assessing skills
  • Assessing CHARM DANCE skills
  • Training


Building a plan
  • Process
  • Product
  • Marketing
  • Training


Moving from plan to success
  • Plant design
  • Product design
  • Buyer identification
  • Market linkages