Mongolian Blueberries

Client Chemonics International

Funding USAID Mongolia



Results Production of Japanese
Ag. Standards blueberry jam in Mongolian Yurts

Lead consultant Jim Krigbaum

Category Poverty Alleviation -
Economic Development – Agriculture

Quinoa Case Study
The development of Mongolian Wild Blueberry products represents a compelling case for innovative partnerships fulfilling a demand-driven market while providing Mongolian blueberry harvesters with an opportunity for economic development. Mongolia faces significant challenges for economic development and growth given various environmental, political, and infrastructural factors, however wild blueberries provided a rare opportunity for development. A unique combination of public-private partnerships and early establishment of a buyer, among other factors, proved vital to the success and sustainability of this operation. This case study examines the efforts, successes, and failures of the development of sustainable economic activity around the Mongolia wild blueberry crop from initial interest to the present, offering key insights and lessons for developing profitable agricultural products in low –income and/or –resource settings.