Client Compagnie des Containers Reservoirs (CCR)
– Division of Ermewa and SNCF (Société Nationale
des Chemins de fer Français, the French
National Railways)

Funding Compagnie des Containers Reservoirs (CCR) Paris

Project USA market expansion

Date 2008 - 2013


Lead consultant Jim Krigbaum

Category Trade and balance of power

CCR Case Study
Compagnie des Containers Reservoirs (CCR) Established stainless steel container rentals in the USA for food, chemical and pharma industries.

CCR was a division of ERMEWA and SNCF (the French Railroad). In cooperation with our relationship with Automationstechnik Gmbh of Austria we established the CCR operations in the USA. We took their stainless steel fleet of industrial containers from a handful of containers to more than 2,000 containers (approximately $5 million USD in value) during our contract with CCR prior to their Paris based management change and sale of the business.