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Engidu Legesse, General Manager Guts Agro.

"We look forward to the chance to work with 20/20DC in developing value added chickpea products for the domestic and export market.  We believe that 20/20DC shares our vision for market opportunities for value added products."

Monitoring & Evaluation plan

Coordination of this effort is handled by the 20/20DC admin team with Jennifer Krigbaum as the Director of Administration to keep everyone on track, coordinate resources and integrate the various members of the team to achieve optimal results.  Working with our local affiliate 20/20DC captures the data and works with our client to ensure that the information necessary for 20/20DC to perform M&E is in place. 


Dave Schnorr, president of the Quinoa Corporation of Los Angeles

“Working with 20/20DC and the local indigenous farming communities in the Altiplano highlands of the Andes mountains, the Quinoa Corporation has ‘rediscovered’ and helped recover this ancient and almost extinct Pasankalla variety of red Quinoa” –Quinoa Corp is the largest importers of quinoa in the United States, which has worked with Latin American producers since the 1980s.


Training Expertise

“Jim Krigbaum and Shawn Dooley conducted training for “Kaznex” staff and potential and exporting companies of Kazakhstan from June 18 to July 1 of 2013.

The training's were provided on entrepreneurship and export procedures. The training's have been well organized and delivered.

Especially they were interesting because Jim and Shawn used cases from their own experience which kept the participants interested and active.

Presentations used by trainers were clear and accurate.

The material covered during the courses had practical meaning, as after training ended I started to use in my work the concepts from the course.

I think the training's will be useful for persons involved or want to be in trading and exports”

Gaziza Shakhanova

“20/20DC’s work with the Global Shea Association (GSA) has opened new opportunities in North America for Shea products.  The vision and commitment of 20/20DC to enable African businesses to grow and gain market access is achieved through their unique perspective and experience”

Joe Funt, Managing Director Global Shea Alliance – Ghana