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Market Linkages
Trade Missions
20/20DC believes that properly arranged Trade Missions are the most effective means of market development. 

Details on our Trade Mission strategy are available upon request.

Basic tradeshow Strategy

20/20DC and its team have participated in and visited more than 50 food oriented tradeshows globally.  Many of these shows were participated through companies owned or managed by 20/20DC executives in the past with the balance for marketing efforts to support development efforts.  Most of the shows in this proposal are shows that the Jim Krigbaum and others on the team have participated in as exhibitors more than once.  The team also has private and development sector experience participating in these shows as visitors walking the floor and maximizing the results through networking with exhibitors, existing contacts and targeted customers.   

20/20DC and its management have participated in more than 50 food related tradeshows globally including Gulfoods, Foodex, ANUGA, Institute of Food Technology (IFT), Food Ingredients Europe, Food Ingredients USA, Supply Side East, Fancy Food Show East and West, Food Expo (Hong Kong), Food Trade (Singapore) and the Natural Food Products show (USA). 

We have participated as exhibitors, visitors, and delegations.  We know how to develop a tradeshow strategy and to achieve maximum results from this effort. 

20/20DC has access to global statistics, import data and other quantitative data through a number of fee based services.  

Document Library

Document2020 Brochure - 2010Includes a description of service offerings and network

Example of Tradeshow Level of Effort (LOE) and work plan

While each show will provide different circumstances and challenges, it is critical to establish a basic strategy for resource allocation for tradeshow events.

As covered in training section it is critical that the participants have the appropriate skill level to achieve success and therefore proper training must occur prior to an event.  The budget and strategy for this effort is covered separately in the budget and work plan.

Preparation work for show

Suppor materials are prepared by 20/20DC include the following:


  • Show schedule and logistics notes
  • Meeting and conference schedule
  • Market profile
  • Target company profiles
  • Cultural guidelines for business


The 20/20DC Tradeshow leaders – Jim Krigbaum, Shawn Dooley and Megan O’Donnell – have extensive experience in working with the tradeshow website, past tradeshow directories and the 20/20DC database to contact companies exhibiting or attending an event and introducing them to our client's program.   Our primary objective to this effort is to arrange meetings at the event for the participants prior to attending the event.


Preparing the above documents and arranging meetings requires 20 days of LOE by the 20/20DC team.  We also utilize local experts and product specific experts when appropriate.

Preparation prior to show

Preparation for a tradeshow 20/20DC often works with their local or regional affiliation to localize our activities including prepare prices, materials, samples, further training and follow-up for each participant.  We typically budget eight days for this effort tied to each tradeshow. 

In addition, prior to each show appropriate training or technical assistance will be performed by the 20/20DC team.  The training is covered in section above. 


Prior to companies going to the show it is important that they and the project both know what to expect from each other at the show.  20/20DC suggests a simple MOU, or a letter if an MOU is administratively limited, which addresses roles and responsibilities of both parties.  This document should be tailored to each company and each event to ensure that the needs of the company are met and this may vary from event to event.

This MOU could cover the following topics:

  • Participation guidelines
    • Meeting attendance
    • Manning of the booth responsibilities and schedule
  • Clearly stated objective statement
  • Agreement that the leads generated at the show are not exclusive to a company but are the projects leads and will be shared with others in the industry.
  • Requirement of a short 1 or 2 page report from each participant outlining their experience, expectations and recommendations for future events. 

These requirements will differ if the participant is not subsidized or sponsored by the project, however, if the project is paying for the participant, these guidelines should outline a minimal commitment from the participant. 

The 20/20DC team will help gather information to develop company profiles and product specification sheets for each exporter scheduled to attend the shows.  This information will then be reviewed by the 20/20DC marketing team and if necessary by the graphic team and regional experts to ensure that the text, photos, and quality of the produced materials is acceptable to the targeted market.   


In addition to the LOE above we recommend allocation to booth design and signage.  A poorly designed booth is a waste of time and money and therefore attentionneeds to be paid to booth design which promotes dialogue between customers and exhibitors.  20/20DC has allocated 8 days administrative support to coordinate booth design, logistics, arrange luncheon, hotels, flights and other administrative details.  

At the show

For more details on strategy at the show and beyond contact Admin@2020DC.com