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Redmond, WA USA
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Jorge Machado

Av. Graca Aranha 145, SL‐3, Centro
Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Centro, Brazil 20030‐003
Office: 55 21 2533 2394
International Tel: 55 21 8682‐5007
Email: Jorgemachado@2020DC.org
Website: http://www.2020DC.org

Personal Statement

A Proven Entrepreneur with 20 years of practical and successful experience in developing and managing businesses in the global economy. With a track record of success in the dynamic Brazilian economy extending over the last two decades, Mr. Machado has proven to be a survivor and visionary with hands‐on experience in developing economies. With a diversity found in few businessmen Mr. Machado has proven his ability to channel resources, and work with the business and political leaders to achieve business objectives. Extensive business experience ranging from international trade and finance, textile/garment manufacturing and marketing, aviation management, and agriculture document his ability to apply his skills to a diverse set of business variables to achieve success. A very practical and functional experience with small businesses by founding and running small companies. Involved in the small business area by founding and running small companies in the textile, international trade, retail and food industry.


Fluent in Portuguese and English, conversational
Business Development
Business Management
International Trade
International Finance
Textile Manufacturing
Aviation Management
Agriculture Management


Bachelor of Law UFRJ Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, 1985
The University of Wisconsin – Law School, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
The 4th Program in United States Law and Legal Institutions, 1986

Current Employment

Country Manager 2020DC Development Company
1997– Current.
Country Manager for 2020DC in the Brazilian market. Work with 2020DC in all aspects of the business including sourcing product from Brazil, Marketing product into Brazil and consulting with clients on manufacturing, retail and import business. Also works with 2020DC in consulting in various countries around the world including Serbia, France, Austria, Japan and Brazil.

Founder, Owner, and General Manager Cargopan Import & Export, Realce Rio Confeccoes and Felucca Alimentos
For 19 years Realce Rio Confeccoes has been a major supplier of uniforms and textiles in the Brazil market. They custom manufacture and procure uniforms for organizations including the Police Force, Brazilian Armed Forces, hotels and other hospitality organizations.
Cargopan is a trading company that imports products for the Brazilian market. Cargopan represents several international companies including 2020 Development Company LLC, Automationstechnik gmbh of Austria, CCR‐SA of France and Reisoken of Japan.
Felucca Alimentos is a restaurant located directly across the street from the US Consulate in downtown Rio.

Work History

General Manager Antares Táxi Aéreo Ltda
1991 – 1997
Finance, marketing, import of airplane and helicopter parts, personnel, and export of private jets and helicopters.
Handled logistics for Presidential and Mayoral campaigns.

General Manager Fazenda (Farm) Sao Fernando
Responsible for all aspects of management of top dairy in the Rio area. Advanced vision and desire to achieve results
required implementation of new technologies including embryo transfer, artificial insemination and importation of
cows from Canada. Also introduced new technologies, new machinery and modern dairy management. Improved
overall profitability of the Dairy through integrated management system and improved genetics.

Import Manager Interunion Trading
Import Manager for soda ash from the United States including selling soda ash to intenational glass companies located
in Brazil. This position provided skills in the area of commodity trading and international trading.

Manager ABN Bank
Manager at the International Department, project finance, debt conversion into investment and trade finance. The
financial management skills developed while at ABN Bank provided tools for use with all aspects of international trade
and marketing finance.

Law Department Trainee RJ Reynolds Tabacos
Practical hands‐on legal experience for multi‐national RJR helped put academic education into perspective and practice.