20/20 Development Co.
Redmond, WA USA
 "Helping Businesses Achieve                Their Greatest Potential"         


Jim Krigbaum founded 20/20DC in 1997 to assist a long-time friend from Singapore establish his retail operations in the USA.  Jim and his team helped Ron Sim of OSIM™ International establish their first stores in the USA market.  20/20DC assisted in all aspects of the global retailer's expansion in the USA including establishment of legal structure, store location, hiring policy, banking and import procedures. 

Since the initial introduction into the USA, OSIM acquired majority ownership in Brookstone International and now operates stores in 360 cities in 28 countries.  This ownership was sold in 2014.

Upon completion of the contract with OSIM, 20/20DC began working in the asset management business marketing food container logistic services, RFID and tracking technology through Global Container Management, a division of TrenStar International of Denver Colorado.

While working with TrenStar, 20/20DC began working in the development industry as a consultant for U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) with assignments in Peru and Guyana.  During these assignments Jim was able to apply his entrepreneurial skills and global marketing experience to help develop aid recipients' business skills and sales to improve their standard of living, along with that of their employees and families. 

Upon completion of their contract with GCM\TrenStar, 20/20DC began working directly with the manufacturer of stainless steel containers from Austria - Automationstechnik (ATA) by representing ATA container sales in North America and container rentals for CCR SAS of France.  During his tenure with ATA Mr. Krigbaum was able to sell several thousand containers into the North American market, where no sales from this manufacturer existed in North America prior to 20/20DC involvement. 


From  2003 and 2007 Mr. Krigbaum also worked as the Director of Strategic Alliances for Chemonics International, a development contractor for USAID and other development agencies.  In this capacity, Jim continued his consulting work and took his courses and vision to 23 countries.

In 2007 Jim completed his work in Washington DC as the Director of Strategic Alliances for Chemonics International and began to focus more of his time on the container business and leveraging the resources developed throughout his career to establish the 20/20DC network.  At the time I Mr. Krigbaum understood the value of leveraging his food processing network, developed through GCM and years of exporting food items, and worked to leverage these resources and technical skills into the development industry. 

The 2020DC network is built with individuals with proven experience and entrepreneurial vision.  The network leverages experience, cooperation and resources between a virtual network of like minded businessmen and women.