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Corporate Capabilities

20/20DC assists companies in expanding their business through providing assistance at both the macro and micro level.  Through a market review and demand analysis (macro) coupled with a review of the companies’ resources and limitations (micro) 20/20DC assists the company in identifying viable markets that best apply their resources to maximize their profits.  Starting with identifying the products to be produced, based upon competitive and comparative advantage analysis, we then work with our technical team of process engineers, food scientist, and experienced food process plant managers to ensure that the quality produced meets the market.  We then utilize a full complement of marketing tools including tradeshows, buyers’ and sellers’ missions, one-on-one market linkages and web based tools to link buyers and sellers together. 

We know how to put buyer and seller together, and have a proven track record of success. 

Proven and qualified demand will drive increases in investment to all levels of the supply chain.  Therefore proving demand will help the product achieve two of its primary objectives – increased sales and increased investment.  Companies will work to increase technology, utilize superior seed and agricultural practices, processing and overall capabilities increases through investment. 

20/20DC utilizes demand driven market conditions to work down the demand chain to post-harvest handing and the factory/processor inbound door.  After identifying and quantifying demand we work with the producers to ensure that they produce product that meets market demand and has a cost structure which provides them with a competitive advantage into the targeted markets.  In order to do this 20/20DC has to understand the global market and the resources that the companies we are supporting have available.  

Understanding that identifying the market and opportunities is only part of the challenge 20/20DC works with our technical team to ensure that the product produced is the product that can sell.  Our technical team’s expertise covers product from harvest time to consumption with efficiencies and appropriate technology applied throughout the process.  Our engineers and production experts are strategically globally and vocation positioned to provide our clients with the solution which best meets their needs.   

20/20DC specializes in developing agricultural products starting with identifying the concept in the field and ushering the opportunity to independence and the achievement of market success.  The skills involved in this effort include analysis of resources (land, labor and capital); complete survey of the market (what will consumers buy) and an understanding of what can be produced (technological support); how to get the product to the market (packaging, logistics and international trade mechanisms) and market linkage expertise (network of buyers).  The 20/20DC team possesses these skills with wide product, geographic and technical expertise synergized together to achieve success. 


Our comprehensive team covers the agricultural spectrum including individuals with expertise in entrepreneurship (concept developers), development and agricultural economics (quantifiers), technical experts (food processing engineers and scientists) and marketing experts with diverse global experience.   Working as a team, 20/20DC capitalizes upon the proficiencies of individuals with different disciplines which allow us to have a panoramic view of the challenge while still having the know-how on the ground to improve production and teach these skills to a diverse audience. This results in successful businesses utilizing existing and enhanced resources.


The 20/20DC team members have worked in more than 90 countries as advisors to agribusinesses of all size.  From working with SMEs in countries with agriculture as diverse as Argentina, Peru, Mongolia and Ethiopia to working with multi-national agribusinesses and their suppliers on a global basis including John Deere, Bayer, Monsanto, ADM, Cargill and ConAgra and retailers including small local retailers to multi-nationals including Carrefour, ALDI, Kroger and Costco.  The 20/20DC team has experience and contacts throughout the global food network of producers, sellers and buyers. 

As a network of consultants, working together from around the world, each consultant brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the group, synergizing these skills we are able to build unique strategies and solutions for companies, NGOs and government agencies.  Being geographically diverse allows us to have a local perspective and contacts in all key markets and production regions.  This provides us with insight and contacts that cannot be duplicated by visiting consultants or desk based research.  We actively integrate our efforts between projects and regions.


We couple these skills with our recently introduced 20/20 Institute of Trade and Entrepreneurship (20/20 ITE) which utilizes state-of-the-art educational tools and skills to offer training courses for developing businesses.  (For Details on the courses see Appendix E below) Through our past efforts globally we have found that many development programs don’t include courses that provide tools in all of the pieces necessary to achieve success.  We have found that if we just work on market linkages without providing appropriate training we can lead the buyer to the seller but we make them sell or achieve sustainability.  Therefore we work vertically throughout the process to ensure that skills match the requirements to achieve success. 


As a complete package, 20/20 Development Company couples our private sector experience, academic understanding, and local and global vision to achieve success for the companies, countries and individuals we work with.



20/20DC has performed in a number of development project assignments similar to this scope of work and achieved the following successes that are either fully or significantly credited to 20/20DC’s efforts:

ü  The global expansion of the market for Quinoa from Peru and Bolivia received a major injection of support with the discovery, production and marketing of Roja Pasankalla quinoa (red) which went from a 1 kg bag of seed “discovered” by a local peasant (campesino) to global availability and demand that exceeds supply.


ü  Commercialization and expansion of Stevia in Paraguay through integration of the private sector in cooperation with the visible hand of development assistance.  This effort included a key report which is credited for helping to open the doors for stevia to achieve GRAS status in the USA.  This was partly achieved through the 20/20DC introduction of Cargill to Paraguayan Stevia (the country of origin of Stevia). 


ü  Commercialization and development of the wild Mongolian blueberry industry to include jam processing in Yurts.  Through technical assistance the Mongolian nomad family was able to meet Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) in production, sanitation and quality resulting in ongoing sales of their jam in the Japanese market through market linkages provided by 20/20DC.


ü  Introduction of sacha inchi, a high Omega 3 oil plant from the Amazon basin to sales in Japan.


ü  Forest products developments in Paraguay and Peru including the commercialization of secondary species to create value in the forest beyond the top moving species.  This development was supported by seller missions and buyer tours coordinated by 20/20DC.


ü  Economic feasibility study and engineering design of juice processing plant in Kenya that resulted in cooperative effort between the Gates Foundation and Coca Cola for production of beverages marketed throughout 27 countries in Africa.