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Redmond, WA USA
 "Helping Businesses Achieve                Their Greatest Potential"         

20/20 Development Company

“We believe”

We believe in the visible hand of assistance to support businesses, individuals and communities to overcome the hurdles that prevent their achieving success.  We believe that business success is the greatest and most sustainable way to achieve development goals of sustained self-reliance of communities.


Unique to the development Industry 20/20DC is a "Breed Apart" from our competition.  Our blend of private sector leadership in demand driven product and market development leads to sustained success.  Our entrepreneurial team of proven industry professionals covers industries from high-end fashion and cut and stitch operations to value added food and wood products.


Our experience in international trade coupled with our ability to teach and transfer these skills to others based upon real world experiences gives us a unique appeal to the development industry and commercial clients alike. 


Our success is not measured by the number of pages in a report, which is stored in a development agency, or clients file.  Our success is measured in purchase orders and transactions, which develop, jobs and allow people, companies and communities to achieved sustained businesses and employment.  Some of our greatest success are often not measured in the life of a project but in the decades of positive change that they generate for our clients.  Examples of this include our “discovery” of red quinoa, which was a near extinct variety when we first saw the opportunity in it, and today generates around $160 million USD in trade for the rural areas of Peru and Bolivia and many credit it with the surge of quinoa to a globally recognized and widely consumed product.  Another example is where our entrepreneurs supported the development of the Paraguay wood industry, without the existence of raw materials in Paraguay but capitalizing upon the available resources of labor and management.


We are a network of consultants, working together from offices around the world to enhance development through market-based strategies. Each consultant brings a unique set of skills to the group, skills that allow us to build unique strategies and solutions for companies, NGOs and government agencies alike.


We work with private businesses and the public sector, offering consulting services to maximizes their returns by developing products that capitalize upon their competitive and comparative advantages.  


We offer training, strategy, marketing, and access to a global network of consultants and affiliates, all ready and able to match your effort to grow your business or improve the lives of others.

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