20/20 Development Co.
Redmond, WA USA
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20/20 Development Company

“A Breed Apart”

Unique to the development Industry 20/20DC is a "Breed Apart" from our competition.  Our blend of private sector leadership in food processing, marketing and international trade coupled with our ability to teach and transfer these skills to others based upon real world experiences gives us a unique appeal to the development industry and commercial clients alike.  

We are a network of consultants, working together from offices around the world to enhance development through market based strategies. Each consultant brings a unique set of skills to the group, skills that allow us to build unique strategies and solutions for companies, NGOs and government agencies alike.

We work with private businesses and the public sector, offering consulting services for a broad range of agricultural products. We work with companies, agencies, and individuals looking to increase their global marketing presence through improved production and operational efficiency, marketing strategies and in developing the right product for their technology that maximizes their returns by developing products that capitalize upon their competitive and comparative advantages.   

We offer training, strategy, marketing, and access to a global network of consultants and affiliates, all ready and able to match your effort to grow your business or improve the lives of others.

Areas of Expertise

Business Linkages


Business Training 

Ag and Resource Economist 

Economist – Mobile Technology

Value Chain Economist

Post Harvest Handling technology

Policy and Admin

Sanitation Standards and Training

Product Development

Packaging technology and strategy

Forest Products and Management

Process Engineer – Fruit Processing

Food Scientist

Dairy, Production and Management

Farm Policy

Greenhouse Operations / Horticulture

Port - Planning and Management

Patent and Trademark Attorney

Business Attorney
Project Finance
Project Management 

We re-branded 2020DC to 20/20DC to reflect the clear vision our team members provide our clients in their business development.  From identifying and quantifying market demand to designing processing lines and standard operating procedures we bring the market to the producers and the skills to the producers to meet the market!